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This Program is For information purposes only. I am a Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, I am not a medical professional, if you need medical attention call 911. This program is to inform you will ways that you can bring your body to optimum health which is our born right. 30 plant base meals and drinks will help like magic. but if you add any starch, animal protein (fish, meats) or dairy will slow down your progress. Listen you tried everything else why not give this too a try. Health is Wealth.... Your life depends on it..... As we say in Roots & Rhythmology a little R & R can go along way. NOTE: This may be the first time in your life; that you clean you body on a cellular level. Everyone will feel differently some good and some bad but the bad only lasts about a few days due to the toxicity and loads of mucus that has been sitting around in your body for years.

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