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12 Day Juice/ Smoothie fast COMING THIS MONTH

Good Day Organic Family we are preparing for a 12 day juice/smoothie fast. I know that some of you may be going through a health scare, crisis or know someone who is going through it. A FAST can be a great remedy to rest and restore the human body back to its optimum cellular level along with administering alkaline herbs and teas during that process.

Some may feel great instantly and some may feel weak and or sick due to the amount of Toxticity being removed from the body and i will say some moodiness may accure.....

You should always seek advise from a Medical professional for any Medical conditions or when doing a fast for health reasons. Stay tuned for the dates

I will send a notice to every member.

The herbal Capsules available during the fast will be "ROOT ONE", "CELLULAR GUT CLEANSE ", HERBAL CELL FOOD" & "CELL REVITALIZER "& SEAMOSS & BLADDERWRACK. .... These 5 Herbal combinations while fasting will take you to the next level.. and you will look at yourself with amazement. But for sure you would look at fasting with more respect and as a lifestyle..

If you are interested in buying the herbal Capsules and or teas you can order it on my website shop

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