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Food For Thought !!!

Anytime i need a Reset i make a visit to 7 Doctors

1) Dr. Fasting (helps with eliminating toxins & cell repair) 2) Dr. Air (helps with blood flow, strengthening my lungs) 3) Dr.Water (helps me with nourishing my cells and cleaning out the toxins) 4) Dr. Sun light ( Helps me with Vitamins) 5) Dr. Exercise ( helps me with my physical makeup) 6) Dr. food (Plantbase) Helps me with my Diet and Nutrition. 7) Dr. Mind set (Spirituality) helps me with focus inner and outer, helps me see the known and unknown After i meet with them then the reset is in progress.

Then i am Back and better. Try it!!!

If you need assistance thats where you reach out to me.

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