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Great Morning Everyone!!!

I want to start this morning by saying thank you to the Most High. I want to thank him for everything thing in life that we all take for granted until it's taken away from us.

Thank you for choosing Me.

Thank you for Life.

Thank you for Love.

Thank you for this human body that works perfectly fine when its given the chance to do so.

Thank you for knowledge and understanding.

Thank you for my family & friends.

Thank you for life's lessons.

Thank you for the worldly items

Thank you for being my source and allowing me to be and to see other resources you put into play... Thank you.

A lot of people Pray or Meditate as ask for things or answers to questions but don't sit there long enough to get the answers. It's like asking a person a question then walk away without the reply to what you asked lol.

it's just food for thought that's all Stay stressed free but blessed full 🙏.

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