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The R & R Projects are Forming!!

We at Organic Family have been working on New and Improved ways to motivate our members but we need you the member to be proactive in your wellbeing. We are working on becoming apart of Health Insurance plan networks so that we can be reimbursed for our services that we render to you with little or nothing coming out of pocket. Keep in mind when you are using your hard working money for you or your families Health and Wellness its called an Investment; you are not spending money.!

In addition we are working with members who are on chemotherapy and Dialysis. We are educating members in prevention and assisting them in getting medication reduced and even off of medication. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Wow 🤩 Amazing!! All the people and members that can begin a better health and Wellness with the right Motivation!!! Great Job!! Proud to be a member of the Roots and Rhythmology Family.

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