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About Roots & Rhythmology

My Name is Leonard McNeill as I got older I put on weight ate whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. I worked long hours a day and was putting my health at risk. In 2016 I went through a emotional, physical and spiritual situation at work. My health was really going down hill my aches and pains has gotten worse, my allergies was at its worsts where as I finished working  16 hour shifts then went home sleep i suffocated my body was producing too much mucus. In 2017 I has started following a herbalist by the name of Dr. Sebi then I started to understand what I was feeding to my body. I had went to my health care provider and had several major test done; I then found out that I was headed for stage 3 & 4 liver and kidney failure, type 2 diabetes & heart disease. I sat in the dinning room scared but determined to reverse my health conditions. I first started with a 12 day fat with herbs, fruits smoothies and vegetable juices or soups from the nutritional guide, I started losing weight, my allergies cleared up and my aches and pains were gone I then knew I was on the right track I had so much energy I worked out 3 times a day. Then I further my knowledge by studying the E course from weight went from 267lbs to 205lbs in 2 months. I wanted more information on health and wellness. So I enrolled into the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and graduated with a high average and I am now a Certified Integrative Nutrition Heath Coach. I Later created Roots & Rhythmology and Organic Family Values, LLC to help people balance their lives through primary foods which are Relationships, Career, Physical activity and spirituality. Now we can get to the Roots of what causing the imbalance in your life and put it in Rhythm. Last but not least I have workshops ready to be booked, That being said ranked as a 5th degree blackbelt with over 3 decades in martial Arts my programs are well worth it. See you soon!!!!

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