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Brother's of Life & Business

I want to first thank Market Event 111 for showing up and supporting the vendors. The Conversations were deep and prosperitable. The man is an icon you can learn alot from him. We are also working on future Collaborations for health the Wellness in the summer time so stay tuned. I took Advices from him and never realized that the gem he Drop down me one night during the telephone call was apart of a puzzle i have been Struggling with for a few years and now my vision is clearer. You never know who God put in your life that will make a Difference. Follow him as a vendor, Promoter, Business partner and as a friend. He is a gem and when i shine i will share that light. when you take all of your gems and put them together you have a Treasure chest. So you can Treasure each moment and the chest is with a heart is... Talk to you soon. Family.

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