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We have great reviews on our Cellular Gut Cleanse product.

The digestive tract is a major area for the proliferation of various diseases. The digestive tract contains beneficial bacteria that serve as a major part (80 percent) of the immune system and protect the body against harmful bacteria, fungus, and other organisms. Cleansing and repairing the cells in the digestive tract and rebalancing the beneficial flora keeps harmful fungus like candida in check. Candida overgrowth is associated with several diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) like Crohn’s ]disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC).[169] Candida is also associated with gastric ulcers and lupus, and it affects the whole body, resulting in diseases like vaginal yeast infection (candidal vulvovaginitis or vaginal thrush), penis infection (candidal balanitis), and mouth infection (oral candidiasis). These are also areas of herpes outbreaks. These herbs are used to restore the health of the digestive tract, and in doing so, they help to restore the balance of the whole body. This combination can increase bowel movements to three to six times a day.

(Ref Alkaline Herbal Medicine)

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